Words: They’re Everywhere


Words are everywhere. Coming out of your mouth, your friend’s mouth, on a billboard as you’re driving down the road somewhere, signs, books, EVERYWHERE! Some are good words; kind and complimenting. Words you want to hear such us “I love that sweater on you!” or maybe something like “I love you!”. Those words make us feel good. They make us feel happy. Some words are not so good; big and mean words. Words you never want anyone to say to you such us “I hate you!” or “You’re fat!”. Those words make us feel negative about ourselves. They make us sad. Unfortunately though, those mean words do exist and people do use them all the time. A lot of other people may ask “What’s the point in mean words?” Well I myself have been asking that question. I came to the conclusion that there really is no point. There’s no point, no real reason to put other people down. Weather it’s an accident or on purpose. So why do we do it? Well first, I believe that we don’t always think before we speak. We as a human nature can also be pretty selfish and care more about ourselves then others and how our words can effect them. So next time you’re about to cuss that guy off who cut you off, or you’re about to let someone have it because you’re really mad, think about it. Is there really a point to it?


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