Chardon Shooting

I find it funny how on any given normal day no one gives a hoot about Religion or God (or at least they don’t show it), but when something big and horrible happens, we all flee to the churches to pray. “Prayers out to Chardon” is even on the news. But the church will never say no. The church will always be there for comfort, for prayers. By church I mean the people in the church, not the building. God will never say no. He will never, ever shut you out because you “neglected” him before. He’ll be there, arms open wide, ready to lead you down your path. He wants a relationship with you. He wants you to go to him in this desperate time of need. He’s there and he’s real. It’s amazing, a pure blessing in disguise. It’s a shock to everyone. Not just Chardon students and families, but across the nation, to everyone. We need to take a stand and show our love. We need to continue our prayers for T.J. He’s still God’s creation. We need to continue our prayers for the victims and their families. No one deserved what they got. We need to show the survivors God is here. God is real. God is going to help people through it. So, back to it being amazing… everyone is coming to God. It’s great because they are seeking God in such a depressing time. However, keep this in mind, are we going to continue to show our faith in the Lord to others? Are we going to continue to go further in our relationships with God? Or are we just going to just abandon him? Like, “Oh, thanks for the ride God I’m gonna get off now.” We are a nation that “sucks up” to God in a time of need. (Jeremiah 2:27) After all he did for us? Jesus died on the cross for us, for our freedom and sins. God will always be here for us. No matter what, Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you, nor forsake you”. The important thing is to realize Gods not just here when we need him, but all the time. God’s here all the time. He wants us to be his disciples, all the time. Whether it’s saying “God Bless” to someone, or opening a door for someone. Show God’s love somehow, someway, even if it’s just a smile. Be that person to go out of your way just to make someone else’s day, even if it is a complete stranger. Reach out to those you see hurting, think of the strangers as family because in a Godly sense, they are our brother/sister in Christ. As a community, we can do it; we can spread God’s love. And don’t forget to live every five minutes like your last because you never know what’s going to happen, you never know what God has in plan for you. click this link to find a  video tribute by the seniors at Chardon High as their senior project.

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