That lost and lonely feeling. . .

Have you ever felt lost or alone? Even when your in a room with people surrounding you every where you look. Or that no one cares? Even though you have a ton of close friends and family that your with every single day. Well guess what? During those times, your never alone. You may think you are, but your not. God is always with you, and God always cares. That time when you got bored so you went for a walk or bike ride by yourself, you weren’t really alone. God was with you. Or even that time when you were with a bunch of friends and felt left out, ignored, or even neglected, God was with you. He wasn’t ignoring you. God knows everything you say, do, think, hear, see. He knows the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the language you use, and even the “type” of clothes you wear. He doesn’t exactly like all of it. That rated R movie with language worse than a pirates. Those songs about sex, drugs, money. The clothes that reveal more skin than necessary. Those are the things that don’t praise God. Next time your alone, and you feel like no one cares, know that God is with you, and God cares. Don’t give up because God is here and he DOES care. God sent his ONLY son to die on the cross for our sins. For me. For you. For your neighbor. For your ex girlfriend. For all the people in prison and jail. I don’t know about you, but if I had a son or even more than one son, I wouldn’t want him to die for the world so everyone could be forgiven for their sins. For eternal life. Don’t blow it off like it’s just another miracle. IT’S NOT. It’s WAY more than that. There are not enough words in the English dictionary to even began to describe what Jesus did for us is. It’s not every day someone dies for your sins, or gets whipped for all the sins in the world. He did it for us. So we can live with our father in Heaven and have eternal life with our God, our creator, forever. So we don’t have to burn and die in Hell. Just know this. God is here for you. And yes, he cares. Next time your doubting whether he truly cares or not just remember, would God send his ONLY son to die for me if he didn’t really care? 

One thought on “That lost and lonely feeling. . .

  1. ally July 3, 2012 / 6:46 pm


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