“Don’t Walk Away. . .”

We all have these random bursts of spiritual time in our lives. By this I mean. . . .

At some times, we can be total Jesus Freaks. We are major prayer warriors, worshipers, servants; God is on our mind all the time no matter what we are doing. We are hungry for more and want to just seek the Lord and feel his presence. All is good, generally your always happy. Always looking on the bright side of things and praising God for everything.  Notice I said SOME TIMES, that’s because we have those times where we fall away too. The spiritual burst can last for years, months, weeks, days, hours, even minutes. We just get so caught up in our daily lives that we one day for get to pray, or one day forget to do our daily devotion. We don’t have time some day to do it or we are just plain lazy to do it. It becomes a habit, and sometimes we don’t even notice it’s happening.. we slowly slip away. God will never walk away from us, he will never leave our side, he will never slip through our fingers. God’s love is the greatest love, the never-ending love that will always be with us. God will always forgive, unless you don’t forgive others like he has forgiven you, he will always be there to be your strong tower and safe refuge. So the big question is, why do we walk away. Why do we allow ourselves to leave such a great love? I’ve asked a lot of people this question, no one really knows. We sin the same sin more than once, even after we ask for forgiveness, well why do we do that?  Do we do it on purpose?

Why do we walk away from God?

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