From the inside out

Do you ever feel like you need to look like a model to fit in? Or that society can only be a size 0-2 or your an alien from another planet? There are many if young women and teens out there who think they are not beautiful because of their weight. Let me be the first to tell you God doesn’t care what you wear or look like on the outside. He cares about the inside. The best style that never goes out of season is to wear Jesus on your heart! You don’t need to be a size zero for that!
If its just a personal reason you have to lose a couple pounds that’s okay! Just know God will be with you every step of the way! He will help you with discipline or maybe just giving you the energy and wisdom you need to make the right and healthy choice.
My conclusion is this: Don’t worry about what others think of you because in the end it only really matters what God thinks. You are beautiful no matter what they say! And with God on your side you can do anything!

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