The P Word

Now I know what your thinking.. What’s the “P” word? Well here’s the answer.. Prayer. The main topic in kids church today was prayer. How often should you pray? One child answered once a year. Another child answered all the time. That’s right!! Even the youngest family members of God’s ever-growing family know you should prayer as much as you can.
Now sometimes we misinterpret prayer. Sure it’s just like having a conversation with God, but in order to have a conversation with anyone there needs to be at least two people. Sometimes we just do all the talking and never listen or even let God have a say. Its always God I pray for this, please heal this person, help me at my job, help my family.. The list goes on and on and on. Do we ever wait for God to answer us? Sometimes we just need to pray and then remain silent for some time and allow the Holy Spirit to come upon you. Prayer is a powerful thing, but you need to let God play his role.

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