His great name

He is the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and end! He is the great Holy one. The only one and thing that can bring you true happiness. The only one and thing that can bring you true peace. He can relieve you of your fears! He will take it all! He will wash you white as snow and make your heart pure! The Lord will deliver us from evil. He will show us his victory. We praise him, we thank him! He saved us! He died for us! Get on your knees and bow down to our long Jesus! Let him wash away your sins. Let him take the rein of your life! Let his will be done in your life! Give him the glory and praise because if not for Jesus we would be damned.

Oh, Great Heavenly Father! We worship your Great Name! We blown down to it and praise it and give thanks to it! We call on the name of The Lord! Come heal us! Come heal our homes and communities! Come my Lord! Open up your glorious floodgates and let it rain! Pour out your spirit on us, dear Jesus! My Lord come and my us seek you! Take it all away; every fear, ever pain, every ounce of every emotion that stands between us, dear Jesus! Break the chains! Bring me close to you! Help us know you are near my dear God! Come Jesus! Bring us hope, peace, faith. Show us your love being us your grace! For the grave has been conquered!

One thought on “His great name

  1. Heather January 16, 2014 / 12:52 pm


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