The Psalm 119 Study

~Day 1~ Psalm 119:1

“Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord.” (NIV)

What does it mean to be “blameless”? Webster defines blame as “an expression of disproval or reproach”. The term blameless is the adjective form of blame. If you look at the word “blameless” the suffix -less means without. Ultimately, the word blameless means without disproval. This, of coarse, leads me to ask another important question: what is disproval? The answer to this is not found in Webster’s Dictionary, or any dictionary at that, but rather the next part of the verse. To know what is considered “disproved” of we must turn to “the law of the Lord”.

The message bible reads this verse as “You’re blessed when you stay on the course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God”. Putting both translations together, the Psalmist is saying those who follow God’s law and stay on the path he has laid out for each and every one of us according to his good and perfect will, are blessed. Those who have no blame in their life, are blessed.

However, to have no blame or disproval in your life is not just going to come naturally. We will not just automatically know what is considered good and what is frowned upon by God. You have to lay down your life and pick up the cross and follow Jesus (Luke 9:24-26). To learn what brings glory to the Lord, we must be in the word daily. Psalm 119 focuses on the word, God’s law. We will learn through the word how important our faith is, how strong and mighty our Lord is, and, most importantly, that we can lean on God at all times.

Do you have blame in your life today? Is there something you’re hanging onto that is just keeping you chained from freedom? My friend, take it to the cross and let Jesus free you from it. Let his blessings pour over you and let him guide you down the path in life he desires for you to go. Don’t hold back. Be bold and let the Holy Spirit fill you. Be Blameless.

Oh Lord, we call upon you today. Meet us wherever we are and reveal yourself to us. Show us your glory. Open our eyes to where there is blame in our lives today. Bring us your mercy and grace. Lead us down the road you have laid out for each of us specifically. Be our guide and our refuge. Thank you Jesus! We praise your Mighty and Holy Name. Amen!


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