God is Absolute.

My philosophy professor states that absolute means “cannot be doubted”. Webster defines it as “free from imperfections”. When something is absolute, there is nothing wrong with it. It cannot be questioned. My statement: God is absolute. Now I know what your thinking… “If God is so absolute than how come his existence is questioned on a day-to-day basis? ” The answer to that is simple. Those who question God do not truly know him or have faith/ trust in him with their lives. 

Matthew 14:31 says “You of little faith.. why did you doubt?”. In this scripture Jesus is walking on water and Peter gets out of the boat to walk towards Jesus. As he steps out in the water he has complete faith that God is helping him walk on the water. His eyes are set completely on God. And you know what? He does just what Jesus is doing, he walks on water. But do you know what happens after that? He takes his eyes off of Jesus and loses faith. Jesus reaches out his hand and holds him up. 

You see, when we have faith and keep our trust in the Lord and eyes directly at him, God is absolute. When we take our eyes off of Jesus and see nothing but doubt, God is still absolute. He reached down and picked Peter out of the water, even when Peter doubted. 

When you pray, don’t doubt that God cannot answer your prayer. Don’t make excuses to why he wouldn’t answer your prayer. Tell yourself “My God is an absolute God. He is free of imperfections. He cannot be doubted.” Let God’s will be done in your life and have some faith that he knows what he is doing, because he does. 

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