From Brokenness to a Better Blessing

What’s a blessing? Is it a good check up at the doctors? Is it making it home safely in the middle of a snow storm? Or Maybe it’s the fact that you even have a home.. Because many don’t. We pray and pray for all these blessings.. “Lord bless me with a new car”, “Lord bless me with money”, Lord bless me with all these lavish gifts”. Sound familiar? Okay, so maybe it sounds more like “Lord I pray you will provide me with a new car”… Meanwhile there may be a perfectly good car sitting in your driveway.. Sometimes two! So really.. What is a blessing? Being broken. Being broken is a blessing. I know you’re thinking I am absolutely crazy, but think about it: when we are “broken” and all is taken from us we are left alone on our knees in pain and sorrow to do what? That’s right! Turn to God! When we are broken we cry out to God! Just as Soloman found in the book of Ecclesiastes “life under the sun is meaningless apart from God”. I pray for God to make me broken because I want to be forced to drop to my knees and surrender everything and cry out to God and only God to heal me and make me new! And in the process, I draw nearer to God. My faith is strengthened because he will reach his big fatherly arms down and pull you out of the pit!
Remember, the next time you pray for that extra bonus check to come your way at work, a luxurious blessing, pray to be made broken instead. Isn’t drawing closer to Jesus a better blessing?

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