Being Addicted to Your Problem’s Problems

Sometimes in life we go through pain and suffering. Now I might not be something really terrible or traumatic; it could be something as simple as drama or stubbing your toe in the morning before work. Sometimes, when we go though these painful experiences we become addicted to the deep panging it leaves in our hearts. Whether it be stress, anxiety, anger, depression, heartache… just about anything. We let these things control our live without even realizing it. It’s just as dangerous as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is your drug. It is your alcohol. It digs deep into your mind and tells you false things. It tells you, you can’t and won’t ever go back to a normal life. It tells you, you can’t overcome it. It pulls you down and drags you around because it is your God and you let them control your life. You are addicted to it though; you can’t live without it.

Now take a step back. Push the pause button. Jump off screen and be your own audience. Push play and watch how these things control your life. Watch how it consumes you and abducts you. Watch as it takes your life upside down. Telling you you’re a failure. You’re a mistake. You’re not wanted. You’re not worthy. You long to give up hope, but don’t because that’s just what he wants (the enemy of course). But this is all false. This false god is lying to you. Because there is hope.

There is a cure. There is an antidote to your pain. His name is Jesus Christ. He endured the most pain and suffering anyone has ever endured. But He did it for you. Through this Man, this One True King. You can be saved.

This is what freedom looks like.
This is what freedom looks like.

You can be set free! He can break the bondage your pain and suffering has put you in! He is your new peace. Your renewed hope. And your everlasting joy! He is the one and the only King. And through Him you will be saved. Through him, you will be set free. Through Him, you will receive power. Through Him, you can do all things. Through Him, nothing is impossible. Let this King into your life. Let Him be your God. 10557477_10203679494100620_4569491232426172875_oLet Him be the loving Father he desires to be towards you. Let Him break every chain. Let Him bring those strongholds down. Because through Him you’ll have life everlasting. End the addiction to your pain, anxiety, depression, drama, anger, stress, and heartache. Leave your Problem’s problems to themselves and give it all to God. And He will give you a life of everlasting beauty, wonder, and love. And He will give you an everlasting life of freedom.

Photo Credits to Carrie Beth Garland

One thought on “Being Addicted to Your Problem’s Problems

  1. George May 22, 2015 / 2:00 pm

    Great blog and reminder of where our focus needs to be. I will be sharing this on Teach Us To Pray. God bless you, Jen! Great photos, PC.

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