Fearful to Fearless: Trusting God with Your Future

We all know the popular Bible story of God parting the Red sea through Moses in the book of Exodus. Do you think Moses was scared to do such a thing? Well I’m sure he wasn’t tickled pink, but he still trusted God to do it anyways. When we look at our futures, we get startled and begin to crawl under a rock to help protect us from any and everything that could go wrong. For some of us it’s finances, for other’s it just might mean gaining an ounce of confidence to actually stand up and do what God is leading you to do. For some it may just be trusting God. Moses knew he was supposed to lead the Israelites out of Egypt; he wasn’t about to let a sea stop him from doing what God commanded him to do. He simply put his trust in God and look what happened? God parted the Red sea!

Sometimes the question “well what if that doesn’t happen to me?” Then that just means God has something better coming your way. He longs to help you and bless you in these ways, we just have to let him by giving our trust to him. He can’t steer our lives

Life is not to be "shared" when driving, but to be single-handedly driven by God.
Life is not to be “shared” when driving, but to be single-handedly driven by God.

if we are in the driver’s seat. It’s time to move over and ride passenger for a while. Let God take steering wheel and while He’s at it, He might as well control the gas pedal and brakes too! Sometimes when God calls us to do something, we rush into it so fast that we get lost and meander far away from where we were really supposed to go. We need to slow down and let God control the speed, otherwise we are able to get a speeding ticket, or a meeting with the enemy.

Giving God this trust to steer your life according to His time will relieve you from any stress or fears of your future because you know that it’s in God’s hands and He is the almighty that works all things together for the good of those who love Him. Don’t think of it as a “I have to let someone else drive my life!” but rather a “I have an unconditionally loving ‘chauffer’ driving my life and I’m being blessed on the Jesus limo!” See the difference? Many of us think of riding in a limo as a luxury, well, giving Jesus the steering wheel of our lives is a luxury because of His unconditional and never-failing love for us!  Let Moses’ story be an example to your life. Don’t worry about the “Red sea” ahead because God is with you and He is waiting for you to trust Him to part it. Go forth fearlessly.

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