The Real Christmas Story

At this time of year many of us are in our homes sipping hot cocoa (or maybe iced tea because of the weather this year!) and watching Lifetime or Hallmark channels for the heartfelt Christmas movies that are continuously playing… or at least I am! We get intrigued by the stories these networks have to offer. The perfect Christmas miracles, the perfect families, the girl always gets the guy in the end, the bad guy always gets caught. You know the movies I’m talking about! The tear jerkers for some of us! Like Hallmark’s “What I Did For Love” or ABC Family’s countdown to Christmas. But you see, this “season”, this “event”, this celebration, is not really a Hallmark film. And that is why we get disappointed when things on Christmas do not go the way we want them too. We have a distorted view. But mostly, we have forgotten what Christmas is really about. We have forgotten the real Christmas story.

We go about singing all these songs..

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”

“Silent Night… Holy Night…”

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”

I’m sure as soon as you started reading the lyrics above that you started singing them as soon as you realized what it was.

Why do we sing these songs? Why do we spread so much cheer? Why do we have HUGE parties and events based off of just this one “holiday”? Why do we make sure we get everyone the right gift? Why do we spend so much money and time shopping for loved ones?  Do we just do it because it’s a tradition? Do we just do it because it’s what everyone else does? Do we do it because it’s the “thing to do” on December 25th?

Do you know the real reason we celebrate Christmas?

You see, the answer is simple. The answer is right there. Christmas is not just a holiday. We celebrate Christmas because it is the birth of our Savior.

Isaiah 9:6 says:

” For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
    and his name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

We aren’t just celebrating another birthday here! We are celebrating the birth of a king, THE King. The One who saves us all from our sins. The One the wipes our sin slate clean. Jesus Christ is our Savior.

Isn’t that something to celebrate? Isn’t that something to shout about? How can we possibly keep such joy contained? If you were in front of a judge with a death sentence and someone just came in and cleared you of it- someone who you have never even met before- would you just walk out of the courtroom like it was no big deal? NO! You would be dancing with joy! You wouldn’t be able to contain such a thing because someone just saved you from death!

Jesus is that someone. Jesus was sent to save us (John 3:17). Jesus came into the world and then defeated sin. He took death to the grave and then overcame it! Isn’t that something to celebrate!

You see, the reason we celebrate so much is because of Jesus. Why do we get gifts? To represent the greatest gift that was given to us on that day that Jesus Christ was born.

Truth of the matter is, we can get everyone the most perfect gift, maybe something they’ve wanted for a really long time, maybe it’s something you know will make their face just light up BUT, no gift, even the most expensive, is not even comparable to the gift of Jesus our Savior! They are immeasurable!!!

There is no earthly thing that can give you the peace and joy that Christ gives us through His birth. It is a personalized gift to anyone and everyone.

Jesus came into this dark world on Christmas and shined His light for everyone to see so that we may be saved. Jesus is the light in the darkness. Through Jesus, we can be a light in the darkness. Through Jesus, we have a light to our darkness.

Candle on Burlap_NO TEXT_Watermarked
In this photo, the candle is lit with a flame, but the flame has not shadow. Jesus is the flame. There is no shadow in His light.


And that, my friends, is the reason we celebrate Christmas. It’s not about the gifts. It’s not about Santa Clause coming to town. It’s not even about everyone being together as a family. It’s about the birth of our one and only Savior. The greatest gift of all is the birth of Jesus Christ.

That is the real Christmas story.

Listen to the lyrics of “O Holy Night”. This is what Christmas is all about.


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!!


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