The Breath In Our Lungs

“Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature”
— Genesis 2.7

“To pick up a pile of dust and breathe life wasn’t a bust”. It amazes me to think that the only thing separating us between life and death is the breath of life God breathed into a pile of dust. Friends, we have the breath of God living within us. He has built us with such a complex breathing system, he has placed us on Earth with so many complex science things to try and understand. But when we allow ourselves to stand in awe of God, to realize that He, the Supreme, created all of this, the complexity goes away and our hearts just melt because we know we are truly blessed by this breath of life.

We aren’t just given this breath for our own glory. We are given this breath, this voice, to proclaim His name, it’s not a choice. We are told to go out into the nations and make disciples (Matt. 28.19). It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel called to “missions” because in God’s eyes, we are all missionaries working as one body of Christ. You may be called to the nursing field, you may be called to the police force, you may be called to fight for this country. No matter what you do, you are to complete the great commission.

Think about it: What if with each breath we took we gave it back to God? What does that look like? Well it may mean taking a step out of your comfort zone and saying hello or praying for that new coworker that no one else is talking to. It might mean taking time our of your busy daily schedule to meet with God. Maybe it means serving. With every breath you take, remember that it is from God and it should glorify Him.

“Inhale the breath God has given,
Let your exhale be praise-driven”

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