The Living Well

There are things in this world that we desire. There are things that we just long to have… maybe a new car or a new house, maybe it’s a relationship, or maybe it’s just something as simple as a new TV. But you see, we get these things and we always desire more after. It’s just not enough to fill our needs.

We have all heard this, but I’m going to say it again. We always think “if I could just get this, then my life would be better”… about a little over a year ago my first car broke down. We tried to get it fixed, but it was old and no one knew how to work on it. Every day I would get frustrated because I had to use my mom’s car, find a ride, or just stay home. I would go onto car sites and look up my dream car (a Ford Escape). But every time I showed one that looked halfway decent to my parents they just shrugged their shoulders and said “maybe”. But I knew that meant “stop looking, you are not getting a new car”. To me, all I could think was that if I could just get a new car, life would be so much better. I could drive myself places, I could drive my friends places, and I could get to work without having to bum a ride.

Now, Lord willing, we inherited a car from a family member. It wasn’t a super nice car. It wasn’t a new car. In fact, it was older than I was. But, it barely had any miles on it and my parents thought it would be perfect for me. We got some minor repairs done and it was mine (or at least mine to borrow). I didn’t really like the car. Actually, I hated it. It wasn’t what I wanted. But it got me from point A to point B safely. I hated driving it. I just wanted something of my own.

I continued looking for my own car to purchase. I didn’t even have money to buy a car (considering college was just around the corner), but I was just thirsty for something more. It did not satisfy me. I half expected the car to break down soon because of how old it was, but it had been a year and a half of driving it everywhere (to work, to and from college, to random adventures, through snow storms, through an accident) and it hasn’t broken down once. We had to get new brakes, but other than that, the car is blessed (knock on wood!).

My point isn’t that we should just suck it up and take what is given to us with no complaints, although that is a good argument, but rather we need to recognize that having all these things is not going to take away our thirst. They are not going to satisfy us like we think they are. If anything, they may drive us away from where we need to be (no pun intended in my scenario).

John 4.13-14

Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I want that water! I want the living water that will take away my thirst! We have to realize that these things are never going to satisfy us like the living well will.

wp-image-1866291966jpg.jpegIn context, this is what Jesus is saying to the Samaritan woman at the well. Her response is exactly what our responses should be (John 4.15):

Sir, give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty, or have to come here to draw water.

Through her conversation with Jesus the Samaritan woman realized something. She was tired of being thirsty. She was tired of constantly having to go to the well to retrieve something to drink, and then to have to do it again because it does not quench her thirst! She heard about it, and she wanted it. She wanted a taste of the Living Water.

Aren’t you tired of searching for the things in life that satisfy? Aren’t you tired of finally finding that one thing that you have been wanting, maybe even dropping loads of time, energy, and money into it, but then to come and realize that you are still thirsty? That the drink that you took wasn’t nearly enough? Don’t you long to feel full and satisfied? Don’t you long to have a spring of water welling up inside you to eternal life?

I tell you, come to Jesus. Come and drink from His well of life! Come experience satisfaction and fullness! You will never go thirsty again. Don’t drink from the well of life, the water of this world, but drink from the well of Jesus, the Living Water.

Come to the alter and let the precious blood of Jesus Christ wash over you.



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