Running at God’s Pace

// October 4 //

Today was a long day. I had to work a lot and go to class and do assignments and I was just exhausted. But I managed to find time to go to the gym. One thing I have been working on lately in the area of physical fitness is training to run a 5k. For those of you that don’t know me, I am not a runner. I repeat (into a megaphone) I AM NOT A RUNNER. But one day I thought it would be a pretty cool goal to have, and so I started working towards it.

Well, today I did my normal running routine. I have been doing interval training because  a lot of people have told me that is how they started running. Interval training is where you run for a bit (like maybe 30 seconds) and then walk for a bit (like a minute). Then every week or so you increase the running time and decrease the walking time. Eventually, you run the whole time instead of walk.

Usually by the end of my workout my shin splints hurt and I am just struggling to stay on the treadmill. I usually end up skipping one of the running intervals and doing a double walking interval. This makes the time it takes for me to run a mile increase. Today, however, I kept pushing on until the end. I did not skip ANY running intervals, and I stayed for the whole workout (I think it was a mixture of the Netflix episode I was on and the coffee I had a few hours before).

I ended up shaving a minute off of my mile because of that. I felt so accomplished and excited that I was finally seeing improvement.

This reminded me that sometimes we work at something really hard, but it takes a lot of time and dedication to truly see improvement. We get discouraged and give up for a bit, and then try again. I started this training last spring. My biggest struggle was this summer trying to continue at the same pace I was at home in Colorado (where the altitude is SOOOO much higher). Eventually I gave up running for the summer.

Of course when I started up again at the beginning of the semester, I had to start from the beginning. But now, after a little bit of dedication, I feel like I am finally making progress!

Remember, sometimes you might not always see improvement or change right at the beginning. Things take time, usually that means running at God’s pace!

Paul reminds us in Romans 12.12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”.

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