January: Re-Adjustment

Hot dang, it has been a minute since I have blogged. I wholeheartedly apologize to the readers following this blog, as I took a much needed break without any warnings. It wasn’t until just this morning as I was walking out of a busy Walmart into the slush covered parking lot that I had this idea of blogging again.

I knew that I needed to start when I saw my credit card was charged for my plan. But apparently, $200 isn’t enough to motivate me. No, I guess a trip to Walmart to get Band-Aids, a staple gun, and coffee grounds was what it really took.

Anyways, I had this idea of making sure I blog at least once a month. Sure, that will not get me caught up to speed on how many times a month I was blogging when I left off, but I have to rebuild my endurance. And, in my defense, I started working 40 hour work weeks, on top of a 16 hour internship, and at least two grad school classes. I will be doing that again until May. Wish me luck.

I’ve titled this month’s blog as “Re-Adjustment” for several reasons. Think about it, it’s January and it’s a whole new decade. I know, ya’ll will never catch me on the “new year, new me” buzz, but I do believe this is a time of re-adjustment- for me at least…

What I mean by that is that I am re-adjusting to me. The past few years have just been so weird for me. Ever since I graduate college I haven’t really felt I found “my place,” or at least a place and a people that accept me. That is until now. I have had my big girl job for about 7 months now, and man, let me tell you, the Lord sent His blessing upon me when He provided this job!

Not only do I love my job and all that I am learning in it, but with the job came another provision of something I have been praying for since I moved, a best friend. We just happened to be at the office at the same time (as my job is community-based), and on my birthday I might add! TALK ABOUT THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT A GIRL COULD ASK FOR.

For those of you that know me personally, 2019 was a year of pruning and healing for me. In that pruning phase, I lost a lot of really great friends. Some I have been able to re-connect to, others, not so much. But either way, I know God is in control of my social life, and my romantic life (ha ha). Thus, why it is such a big thing that I made a new (best) friend!

However, with the new year, I feel a new season of the Spirit on my life. I feel redemption coming my way. The word the Lord gave me for 2019 was “Newness,” or, “I am making you new.” I am believing for 2020 to be my year of restoration and redemption! Pray it to be with me friends!

There are a few passages in the book of Joel and Jeremiah that I feel are fitting for this new topic kicking off my decade. I remember back when I was a junior in high school and I really started getting serious about my faith I attended this Sunday School class before church that wen through the book of Joel. I learned so much through the teachings of spiritual women in my church. These passages stood out to me the most, as I was just coming out of a relationship that ended pretty badly.

What the cutting locust left,
    the swarming locust has eaten.
What the swarming locust left,
    the hopping locust has eaten,
and what the hopping locust left,
    the destroying locust has eaten. – Joel 1.4

This first passage in chapter one talks about a judgement Joel is describing the literal situation of the land of Judah. If we reread the passage we can clearly see that it does not look good! The land is devastated and destroyed!

Sometimes, I feel like there are times in my life that have been eaten away my a locust. Specifically when I was going through the break up in high school, I felt at least two and a half years of my life were destroyed by these locusts. Yes, I learned a lot from it, but I had regrets that there could have been better things I was doing with my life.

I kind of feel similar to that time since graduating college a few years ago (woah, literally cannot believe it has been that long!). I had a lot of great experiences, like returning to India, the land that I love, working as a case manager for the agency that I currently work for, and trying out a job that ended up not being for me. But now that I have finally found a position of stability (for example, I have been in the same country for a whole year, and on Valentine’s Day I will have to renew my lease on my own apartment), I think God wants to restore to me what I felt I lost.

I will restore to you the years
    that the swarming locust has eaten,
the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter,
    my great army, which I sent among you. – Joel 2.25

WOW! Literally in the next chapter God is faithful to proclaim that He will restore these things! How amazing is that! He will restore the years! What a God. WOAH! It gets me going every time! I’m literally sitting here in this little Starbucks listening to worship music trying to contain my excitement!

Actually, the song I am listening to literally just said “beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, praise for heaviness, for your glory.” What perfect timing that is! I included the link to the song.


But c’mon, isn’t it just so amazing how our God works? Incredible. I have felt very convicted of not praying and keeping up with my relationship with Jesus like I would like to be, therefore, I have started praying this restoration to be! I am a full believer in the “ask and you will receive” concept Jesus shares in Matthew 7.7-11.  Thus, I am asking with strong faith, deep belief, and waiting in expectations for this request of restoration I have laid before Jesus!

Friends, I don’t know what your 2019 looked like, or, let’s be honest, what your life has looked life. I don’t know what kinds of things you feel have been eaten by locusts and left you devastated, but I know that whatever it is, if you lay it at the foot of the cross, Jesus is surely faithful to restore those things.

I dare you this year to take a leap of faith and pray for the change. Pray, with a heart filled in expectation and belief that you will receive, for restoration and desires. Join me in re-adjusting to whatever newness God has brought forth in your life.


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