Meet the Author


_MG_1901My name is Jenny Bushnell and I am so excited to be blogging on WordPress! I have to admit, I had never in my life imagined myself as a writer. Here’s a little bit about me!

I love the Lord with everything within me and my main goal in writing is to bring Him the glory. I am very much a person that loves to seek out what God is speaking to me, even in every day things like going shopping. My favorite things to do are read, laugh, play my guitars, and hang out with friends… I also love food.

Currently, I am a senior at Malone University. I am finishing up my degrees in social work and global & international studies. I have a huge heart for missions and to see the nation’s reached, but am still trying to figure out how all of that fits into my life.

What Inspired Me To Write

It was February of 2012 when there was a shooting at my high school. Now when these things happen you don’t think it’ll ever be you that it happens to, so I was very shocked and not sure how to handle things. On the following Wednesday night I went to youth download.jpggroup with my friends and boyfriend at the time. There were so many people from the community there… news reporters, parents, grandparents, pastors from other churches. I had never seen the place so packed.

As the service went on I was writing in my notebook just some thought that had come to my head and kind of venting about what happened. I gave the notebook to my youth pastor to read and immediately he asked me to share what I had written. Not really sure if I wanted to, I agreed. Soon enough I found myself in front of all these people I had never met sharing my thoughts and feelings about this tragedy in our hometown. I posted it to my blog a while back and you can read it here Chardon Shooting.

At the end of the service, a woman from the local newspaper, The Maple Leaf, came up to me and asked if she could publish what I wrote in the paper. I agreed and we exchanged contact information.

Flash forward a few months and I was at my boyfriend’s graduation party. He had a lot of family members in town that I hadn’t met before. As I was meeting each of these new members, someone I had already met brought up my article in the local newspaper. Someone started asking me if I liked writing and told me that there are plenty of free online blogging sites that I could express my writing.

This interested me a lot. When I got home, I took some time to look into these blogging sites and thus, inhisgrip4ever  was created.

About The Name

You may be asking now, “how did you come up with the name?” Good question my dear friend. So, back when I was in High School and I was going to the same youth group, I was introduced to a girl that was a little older than me. She came to the youth group at a volunteer and I enjoyed talking with he and gleaning from her.

My youth group had a retreat at Stony Glen Camp and she came with the leaders. We were each given an envelope taped on the wall and we would make “care cards” for each other (basically little notes we could encourage each other with over the weekend) to put in them. We weren’t allowed to open the envelope until the end of the retreat. When I opened min, I had a letter from this girl telling me that she would not be volunteering at my youth group anymore, but encouraging me with Ecclesiastes 3.2-8. She signed the letter with “in his grip”.

This letter closing really inspired me to let God grip my life and the pen and write things the way he has planned.

My First Published Book

Recently, I have self-published my first book. It is a 30-Day Devotional written to help youFresh_Fruits_Cover_for_Kindle grow closer to God each day. There is no age limit on it, but can be read by any walks of faith. The proceeds of the book go towards missions as well. I have attached a link below. Please check it out 🙂

Fresh Fruits: A 30-Day Devotional